These are the Christmas cards I made a few months ago.
The four versions in the image below are just a few from the total I made, with many more different icons and colored snowflakes.
Here’s what it took me to make them:
– A few colored pieces of paper, avoid too much thin, which I cut into an A6 format.
– A good kind of paper where you draw on what you want. In my case I drew first a sketch with the pencil and then did the afterwork digitally because I made a LOT of cards and didn’t want to finish them for Easter. I choose to simply put a Merry Christmas on the top above a band and to draw various Christmas icons with not too much of detail to keep it clean and cute, with the background like that on the photo inspired by a candy cane (with also a print on it in gold, simply found on the web).
– Cute Christmas themed decorations to glue on at the end of the work, I found these at a art shop/bricolage shop.

The steps are pretty simple, so is the work, I wanted to keep it minimal since I made them for a lot of people. Maybe it will inspire you to make something like this next Christmas for the people you love!