This is gonna be a small post about Mass Effect Andromeda, the follow up of one of my favorite game franchise, and of what I’m thinking right now. So to be clear, I got the game this morning in my letterbox and is waiting for me to come back home and play, and I’ve been excited about this moment for way too much time. Anyways, since I’ll get the chance to play it soon enough, I wanted to do a quick summary of my thoughts and what I heard and seen around from the people who already played some of it or from some simple comments going around.
A premise that I want to share is to not listen absolutely or make your own opinion change by the people around you and on the internet, regarding a game you love very much. Yes there are interesting opinions, good ones, but the way you’re gonna live it is different and playing after being bombarded by all these other opinions is gonna change a little bit the way you’re gonna experience the game. So simply try to stay away from these evil forces, ah! I’m way too curious so of course I wandered around looking for some first reviews, without spoilers of course, etcetera. But when an acquaintance started talking with me about Mass Effect in general, it ended up like this: him making jokes about it and comparing it to better graphically designed games, and even spoilering a part of the game. This made me really upset and damn those who go around like this despising stuff the other person may love a lot without thinking about it.
From what I’ve heard there is a lot of fuss about the facial expressions, which have never been a top side in Mass Effect, and to the gameplay in general which seemed so big from what they showed us in the trailers and various videos, but ended up not meeting the standard set. This is all I’ve heard from around, and some people say they actually love the game, but since it started being public only yesterday, the general public has to yet share their own opinion, mine included.
As my cat is purring and sleeping on my lap, I write this waiting for my boyfriend to come and get me, I’m waiting for him to finish his football training, and to go home and start playing some of this spacial game. My presumptions are that I’m gonna like it, really like it, it’s not gonna be comparable to the other games but it’s gonna be a new adventure with new friends and a lot of fun going around trying to not fuck up. I’m curious about the multiplayer because I didn’t get to do it in Mass Effect 3, so that will be fun. Also the multiple skills you can add to your character is gonna be interesting, I’m gonna have so much trouble remembering what is what and remembering which ones I chose and how to use them. I don’t know, I find myself in difficult times with stuff like that one way or another. I talked almost entirely about bad things, I shouldn’t do that. Of course I heard a lot of great things about Andromeda, it’s just that lousy comments about things in general tend to find the surface of the sea before the good ones. So let’s see what nice comments I heard: there are tons and tons of planets to explore (yay exploration!), the conversations are much more fun now, lots of characters to talk to and get missions from, and of course new adventures!
I hope they put some interesting missions in the game, and that they didn’t end it like Mass Effect 3, and I can’t wait to see the new planets.

I think I finished with what I wanted to write down, I’m too tired to remember everything unfortunately but I can always update later. In the meantime wish me good luck and a nice start in the Andromeda galaxy!