This weekend I had the lovely opportunity to spend three days, almost, in Paris. It wasn’t my first time actually… but the first time I went there with my family I was too young to remember, the second time is also a little blurry and I don’t remember much other than seeing the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Notre-Dame, the third time I went because there was a concert, so no sightseeings sadly. This time though I decided to go with the sole idea of walking around the city and explore whatever there was around and discover new things, which turned to be a lot. I’ve come to realize that to truly discover Paris there needs to be a lot more time than just a weekend, and I don’t mind the idea of going back one day, coming from a small town and traveling to big cities like Paris makes me realize every time that there is such a big world outside and so much to discover and to see.

Other than just wanting to visit the capital of France though, there is another main reason for this trip and it was the fact that my friend which I haven’t seen for a while is studying French there so I took the opportunity and flew to see her.

Let’s get to the actual voyage: two days before the departure, I finally decided to make a list of stuff to bring with me, and already put some of them in a corner ready to be introduced in my baggage, a giant backpack. It’s was just some clothes, a sketchbook to draw in, my camera, bathroom stuff, etc… there was no need to bring many things since it was such a short trip, even though since I am so organized with these kind of situations I tend to bring every little single thing that I think may be useful or that I could use (in the end I tend to not actually use them-kind of situations), but I get too much anxious not to bring these things along, it’s a reassurance.

I went by airplane, we, actually, I forgot to mention that I went with my boyfriend since he has too a friend there he wanted to visit. At the start we were actually planning on going by train, but the high costs and not so comfortable timing made us change idea and option for the airplane.
We arrived at the airport of Charles du Gaulle early Friday around 10 in the morning, the place is pretty far away from the center of the capital, but once you manage to get your ticket for the train and find the way to the railways it’s just a smooth and calm trip that lasts around forty minutes, if I’m not wrong.
Regarding the stay I decided that I wanted to try and book a place from Airbnb since I never had the occasion to try it, and I must say as a first try/experience it went really well. We had a little apartment far enough from the center of Paris, but it was in a really nice neighbourhood and the metro was literally beside us, so not bad, really not bad. We didn’t meet the host unfortunately, I still don’t know if that’s common or not since I don’t have that much of experience with this site and its ways of doing stuff. In short I had a nice first experience and will definitely use Airbnb to book other places in the future too, personally if you haven’t done it yet, I recommend it, with caution of course. The apartment was the first place we went to of course, to relax for a bit and to prepare for the following afternoon, which turned to be a very long day walking, walking, and walking around.
Since we hadn’t eaten much in the morning, and lunch time was way over, the friend (he’s currently living in Paris too) of my boyfriend brought us to a nice little diner called American Breakfast, even though we didn’t actually eat breakfast, but rather a large homemade hamburger with many fries. It was super good! And I didn’t even feel too much full after, meaning it was really good.
After the nice lunch we ventured through the streets randomly, until our friend came up with the idea of visiting a museum not so far away from the diner, it was the musée de la chasse et de la nature, which I could sum up saying this: some out of this dimension experience and whoever came up with the idea of some of the expositions and some of the statues must have taken lots of good stuff. I liked it at the end, it was just a strong impact at the start with the really weird stuff, and I didn’t know what to expect since it was a kind of surprise visit so…
We kept walking some more after the magical experience at the museum, and as highly requested by myself, afterwards we went to Le Café des chats for a little snack. I must say this: the sweets were reeeeaaally good. I didn’t get the chance to have one of their cats come up to me and snuggle beside me, but I almost pet every one of them, they were so cute. It was funny to me because 98% of the people in there were hardcore cat people, everyone but our friend that just wanted to go out of that place, and everyone was trying to play with the cats and get selfies with them. After this lovely experience and as the night was starting to show, we went around and walked some more, ending up in the Galerie Vivienne, a cute place filled with shops and restaurants, not cheap ones unfortunately. We got through a park near the Galerie and if I’m not wrong we also got around to see the Louvre from outside that evening, then we left the streets to go to our friend’s house to play cards and drink something. We planned to go eat out later but found that we were way too tired and ended up going home to sleep.

IMG_0786Inside the Notre-Dame

The second day was way more chill than the day before, even though we probably walked around a lot more than the day before. We saw so many places and I probably forgot some of them while writing this, but I’ll try to list what I can. We slept way too much that morning, but we were tired so I don’t see the problem (less places to see dumbass!), and skipped breakfast, so we decided to go and eat lunch directly. Since my boyfriend wanted to see the Notre-Dame, we took the metro after my friend reached us and went there, after looking around for some time we found a little and nice Japanese restaurant. I had an enormous appetite that morning/early afternoon and was happy to help my friend finish her plate when she couldn’t eat more. I must say everything was super good, sadly they manly served sushi, that way I couldn’t  try other Japanese specialities, maybe even some new ones since I’m a big fan.

Finally we got to go inside the Notre-Dame with our bellies full and happy of the meal. We just walked around, following the flow of the people and tourists like us, and decided not to go on the tower or explore the others rooms, so it went all quick enough. After the visit at the cathedral my boyfriend’s friend and her girlfriend took us to a library down some streets in the vicinity of the Notre-Dame, if I’m not wrong it’s called Shakespeare and Company, where we spent a lot of time going through pages and pages of new and old books likewise. It was a little crowded and as a result it was difficult to move around with very small passages and in general a small space to move in. We all wanted to eat a crêpe afterwards, and decided to go and find a crêperie. We were tricked by the looks of one in particular, which seemed a really nice place but turned out to be not so comfortable and the food wasn’t that good, but at least they tried. I even forgot how the crêperie was called.
Once upon a time, it came the moment of souvenirs, or a little bit of shopping. I only brought a little cute plate-thingy for my mom and nothing else, there was too much cute stuff around and if I start shopping for one thing I can’t stop, and I don’t have the money for that ah! We stopped by a Japanese tea shop, a distillery, a souvenir shop, and a couple more shops I don’t remember what they were selling.
Another visit my boyfriend wanted to make was to the infamous Eiffel Tower, so we strolled in the area and took many touristy pictures. For a better view we walked over to the Trocadéro where we saw a cute and fluffy Akita dog, I love them, and that’s it. No I’m joking: we took some more pictures and stopped by a near restaurant-bar to drink a hot chocolate before going back to my boyfriend’s friend’s house where we did a little apéro while deciding if we were hungry or not (we weren’t). This time we weren’t as tired as the night before, and we went to a bar called The Bombardier, near the Panthéon, to get some drinks before actually going home to sleep.

Inside, not really, the Louvre

IMG_0835Eiffel Tower, some of it

The last day finally came, we tried, I swear we tried to sleep less than the day before but since we went to bed late and we’re old inside we still slept a little bit too much. When we finally woke up we packed up and tied up everything we basically touched in the apartment and left. We ha planned to go as a last thing to do in Paris to a brunch place in the neighbourhood that our host recommended called Chez Félicie, our two friends reciprocally were invited but only my friend showed up because the other overslept, his loss. We ordered the brunch menu they had of course and it turned out to be super delicious, and a really nice composition of ingredients for a brunch. We left in a hurry to catch the train that would bring us to the Airport, and said goodbye to my friend with a hug. There goes again the routine of check ins, but down your bag, take off your shoes and jacket, go through the the gates to find yours, and wait until they start boarding to go seat on the plane.

That was my short journey in Paris. I hope to visit this city again since there is so much to see. For now, see you soon!