First of all:  why am I studying Japanese?
I’m sure there are lots and lots of reasons to why many people start learning this language, for work, for hobby, because the person we love is Japanese, and so many more.
To get to my reason we need to go a few years back, when I was still a little kid, when watching various cartoons or anime seemed to be the most important thing to do on a daily basis. Thanks to goofy characters and childish anime (some not so childish) I started obsessing over them on tv and then subsequently on the internet. Once I started getting on the web it opened a whole new world for me; I started discovering different anime in the original language and so much other stuff.
I imagine this story is the same for many other people, and that makes me happy because I can see in my mind all these other kids around the globe getting into anime and the Japanese culture just like me and having fun.
I don’t know, young me was bewildered by the Japanese language and took a deep interest in it, making me want to learn it and be able to speak it (same goes for English – since we didn’t really learn it until later at school – so thank you subtitles for teaching me before the school did). All that emotion and love for this language never ceased to keep me company, until this day where I took the decision to seriously study Japanese and maybe use it in my future for something important to me.
I remember one period of my childhood where I was so excited about this language that I wanted to teach my little brother the basic hiragana alphabet and tried to make him do Japanese exercises. I utterly failed to make him memorize anything but it was a fun experience.
By my description it almost seems like I’ve been on and about the Japanese language for the longest time, but there were some deviations along the way. At first I didn’t have many resources so I started learning the basics and some vocabulary, then my attention got caught in the Korean wave and there I dropped Japanese for a while and picked up the Korean language instead. This period lasted three years for sure, today I’m a general mix of kpop culture, Korean, Japanese, and so-many-others cultures. It’s a mess but I like it.
I started studying Japanese again recently because not so long ago I decided that I had to absolutely fulfill my dream to go to Japan and in my mind I set a possible year, where 1) I had enough saved up money from the job; and 2) I had the time to learn as much Japanese as I could and so the culture of Japan that I already didn’t know. I thought maybe around 2018 and 2019 that could be possible, so basically at the start of the new year of 2017 my brain started pumping red and white smokes and screamed at me “Japan! Japan! *coff* Japan!” .
Since the year I had wished to go to Japan some time ago was almost here I checked my savings and started putting my nose in my books (actually I had to find the material to study first, I didn’t have any).
I’ll probably get back to Korean one day, but right I’m so busy that it would be impossible for me to keep up with that too.

This is the very shortened story (I could keep blabbing about all the little things that got me to love Japan long more) of how I started taking an interest in the Japanese language, I hope to get better at it day by day, and maybe writing here will help me get the motivation to do it everyday since I have a little problem of commitment, and sometimes I get distracted by other things. Thankfully I like Japanese a lot so I don’t lose the sight of it for too long.
I want to also share my online resources and how I’m learning the language without emptying my wallet but that will have to wait for another future post.
This is all, goodbye!