Recently I wrote a post about how I got into the Japanese language and how I recently started studying it again and very seriously… that got me thinking about making a kind of master post where I’d put what resources I found until now, online and possibly free (not all are but if I put them here it means they are good and left me with a very nice impression).
I didn’t even know where to start, I had stuff saved up everywhere and some things I didn’t even remember I had saved. At the beginning of this year I actually made a study plan with some resources I had, but now they have multiplied and there are so many others interesting blogs, web pages, etc. that I found out.
I also added some Italian sources so if you speak Italian good for you, there’s more material for you, ah!

I’m going to update this post every once in a while if I find new interesting stuff and find it good enough to add.









  • Japanesetest4you  –  Complete with grammar, kanji, kana, vocabulary, and exercises resources.
    I discovered this one recently and they have an interesting website with various lists based on JLPT N-levels.
  • JapanesePod101 – learn with podcasts instead of the usual textbooks
    I haven’t tried this one actually, but I’ve heard good things about it so I decided to put it in my list anyways.
  • Mirai Japanese – they have various lessons where they teach you a bit of everything, the first 5 chapters are free and then you have to subscribe
    I did all the first 5 chapters and I’m really happy about this app. They explain in a way easy to understand, they give you the chance to listen to the proununciations often and for the pricing if you’re a student you can get a 50% discount which is really nice. I recommend it!
  • Japan Foundation – under this category goes Minato and Marugoto, they offer a general course plus there are other resources like short stories for the reading, various exercises and many more
    These two are the main resources I’m studying on right now, the Marugoto course also has different book verions of its lessons, but they offer it also online without leaving behind anything that’s on the paper but offering videos, conversations, audios, etc.
  • Sakuramagazine – Italian Site! This blog offers all there is about Japanese with also various exercises
  • NHK Lessons – Very nice site where they put together a number of lessons of day by day conversations/situations with audio, vocabulary, grammar, helps, etc



Ima Nihongo 1 + 2 – Italian Site! With a due payment you can get two books with the essential grammar reviewed by hanamiblog



Ima Kanji – Italian Site! With a due payment you can get another book and learn 1000+ kanjis, this too is by hanamiblog

TenguGo – To exercise with kanji 

Kanji quizzer app –  To exercise with kanji 

Memory hint app – By JapanFoundation, exercise kanji

Wanikani – They want you to learn kanji and vocabulary, and you’ll do so



Hiragana Katakana passo passo – Italian Site! With a due payment you can get another book and learn the hiragana and katakana alphabets, this too is by hanamiblog

Realkana – To exercise with kana

TenguGo – To exercise with kana 

Kanji quizzer app –  To exercise with kana 

Memory hint app – By JapanFoundation, exercise kanji



Tinycards app – by duolingo, basically there are a bunch of flashcards already existent or you can also make your own decks

Duolingo – level up your voabulary game by completing the Japanese course!

Memrise – they have more stuff about Japanese so: super level up your voabulary game by completing them all!




  • Rikaikun – Chrome / Rikaitan – Safari / Rikaichan – Firefox
    An online translator you can install to instantly translate something while hovering above it on a web page
  • WWWJDIC: Online Japanese Dictionary Service
    Dictionary to find key words
  • Forvo
    Find out if you’re pronouncing something wrong or right
  • HiNative
    Ask directly to some natives what you don’t understand


  • AnkiApp
  • Tinycards


  • italki 
  • Tandem
  • HelloTalk


And that was the last list. It took me a lifetime to re-organize all this (especially finding some of the sources), but now I’m happy to have something concrete and in order.

Do you have any other online resource you find quite good and worth trying it out?